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Useful Forms

Useful Forms

We believe that School uniform helps to promote common values and uphold a whole school identity system. We expect all pupils to dress smartly, wearing our school uniform with pride. School Uniforms can be ordered online. Click the link above to reach our Online School Uniform page.

School Uniform Ordering Form Website

The main aim of our recently reviewed Attendance and Punctuality Policy is to emphasise the importance of and, to secure from families and pupils, maximum attendance at school to enable them to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.

In line with the Government’s own guidance on the issue of term time holidays we have emphasised that leave for term-time holidays will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. An exceptional circumstance is likely to be a unique situation such as family weddings, serious illness of a close relative or religious celebrations; it is not cheaper holiday prices. When making a request for exceptional leave please give details on the form, or request a meeting with the head teacher/deputy head teacher to discuss the issue. Parents do not have a statutory right to leave of absence and it is the school’s decision whether or not to approve of the absence.

Find out when you can collect school uniform items!

In accordance with School and County Policy, only essential medication, authorised by a doctor, in original, named packaging, can be administered (by a qualified first aider) in School hours. If medication is necessary (e.g. finishing a course of antibiotics), and you are unable to come into School to administer it yourself, we need your written authorisation, with clear, full details (dosage/ time/ storage instructions etc.)


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