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As part of Lab_13, we run a wide range of clubs:

  • after school clubs 3 times a week led by Kristina Castle our Scientist in Residence.
  • pupil led lunchtime clubs,
  • even full day workshops during the holidays, open to pupils from other schools as well.

All clubs can be booked by parents through your PMX account each term. Places are limited, and available on a first come first served basis.


Monday  : LAB_13 Committee Club

This club is specifically for the Lab_13 Committee. Children from Year 5 and 6 can apply to join the committee each term - they are then interviewed and voted for by the current committee members.

The committee helps to run the lab and decide what activities to do: committee club is their time to look after the lab pets, try out new equipment and decide with experiments to do next week!

 Lab 13     Lab 13 a


 Monday: Year 1-2 Science Club

A chance for children to explore and investigate, with short and hands-on experiments.

We take part in the Crest Award, where for every investigation children are awarded a star sticker to fill in their logbooks, working towards their Crest Star Certificate and badge.

During the summer months we are often outside investigating the habitats around our school, while in winter we look at every day and scientific mysteries in the lab.

KS1 club 1     KS1 club 2


Wednesday: Year 3-6 Science Club

As well as shorter “wow” experiments, we work on longer projects that the pupils choose.

Past experiments have included rocket launching, making paper rollercoasters, coding our Lego built robots and investigating sound.

KS2 club 2     KS2 club 1


Thursday : Family Lab

Every Thursday the lab doors are opened to all pupils and their families to investigate and experiment together.

This is a lovely opportunity for parents and other family members to find out what their children get up to in the lab; by trying out experiments together and learning from each other.

This Club is free and no booking is needed, just turn up on any Thursday to see what we’ll be up to that week! Find the lab in the KS2 building, opening onto the upper playground.

Family lab




Every week the Lab_13 Committee members come up with a simple experiment they can share with the rest of the school on the playground at lunchtime on Thursday and Friday.

From learning some science magic tricks, measuring the wind with bubbles and investigating the world under a microscope, the Lab brings a new dimension to the activities available to children on the playground.

Lunch lab

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