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Staff at Irchester Community Primary School believe that effective science teaching and learning is vital to ensure our children become scientifically literate adults who are equipped to cope in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology. They should be knowledgeable about the world around them and our impact upon it and be able to make informed decisions about their health, their immediate environment and the wider world.

We believe that effective primary science education encourages curiosity, allowing children the chance to ask questions and explore. It develops enquiring minds and thinking skills and offers children a chance to make choices, form opinions and work collaboratively. It provides moments of awe and wonder and excitement, and can create a buzz for all – children, parents, neighbours and wider community.

We ensure teacher subject knowledge and pedagogy is good enough to teach well, deal with misconceptions and take learning further as required - staff regularly shares good practice. We provide engaging hands on, open ended activities which build on previous experiences and knowledge and are centred in real and relevant contexts. We encourage children to ask their own questions and devise ways of discovering the answers. We ensure our lessons are accessible and engaging for all by providing support and challenge as appropriate. And we make full use of our outdoor environment, lab, parents, carers and wider community, as well as planning trips, events and celebrations in order to enrich our science provision.

Science learning is good in our school when

  1. Teacher subject knowledge and pedagogy is good enough to teach well, deal with misconceptions and take learning further as required.
  2. Pupils recognise what they already know and are curious, asking questions that drive what they learn next in a topic.
  3. It is hands on and open ended.
  4. It is related to real life, enabling children to make connections.
  5. Children work together and share ideas.
  6. All pupils are actively engaged in their learning.
  7. Children are able to devise their own investigations in order to answer questions about the world we live in.
  8. Parents and carers are involved.
  9. Staff share good practice.
  10. We have fun and exciting events such as trips, shows and homework bags.

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Celebration Assembly - KS1 hall
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Celebration Assembly - KS1 hall
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