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Ten year 4 children attended a tennis tournament at Wollaston Secondary on 27th April. They spent the evening learning the skills needed to be successful in a tennis match and then put these into action during the competitions. The aim of the game was to see who could earn the most points on each skill. They were enthusiastic, used teamwork, showed the school values tremendously and managed to come home with first place! A fantastic evening, well done to all involved.

On Wednesday 23rd March, 16 fantastic children took part in a netball tournament at Wollaston secondary school. The children had never played netball before learning the skills needed in lessons. They were all so enthusiastic and worked very hard to apply the skills into games practice. Irchester A and B teams had a brilliant evening playing lots of matches against different schools from the county. They played on a rotation basis to experience the different roles within the team, ending with an impeccable result of 1st and 3rd place. A faultless effort from all involved, well done!

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