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The weather on Wednesday 4th March, was cold and wet. Yet there were no complaints. The teams played extremely well and improved with each match.

Both teams played 5 games each, winning, drawing and losing with dignity.

Thank you to all the families involved getting the children to the event and their support during the games.

One team came second in their group, narrowly missing out with a place in the final.

They all had a lot of fun and showed great effort consistently.

Well done

Hockey March 2020

Eve, Connie, Shani, Joshua, Amelie, Marsella, Tyler and Frankie.


We all had to take our favourite book and met two lead Northampton Town players, Andy Williams and Scott Wharton, as well as Clarence the team mascot.

Activities we completed were

1- What reading looks like and how it’s part of our everyday lives

2-To use the ‘five finger rule’ to help choose a good level book for me.

3-To distinguish between statements of fact and opinion and to understand bias.

4-To infer meaning from football phrases.

5-ecommending a book to other children at the club.

We all had a great time.


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