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"I can't stand it!" Sobbed Superman into the phone.

"It's okay to feel worried," replied the voice softly, "But you need to know, it's not the end of the world, many other things have happened that are ten times bigger than this and look, we're all still standing here perfectly fine."

Superman was standing in a telephone box down a shady alleyway shedding tears into the phone. "How am I supposed to be able to do my job when I have to stay two metres away from everyone? It's the government's guidelines. I have to follow them. I've already been told to 'stand back' by three people today. I might do something wrong and stand too close to people and get put in jail! Bad guys go into prison not superheroes. I might go somewhere I'm not supposed to. I might do something I'm not supposed to. I might spread the virus!"

"All those scenarios contained the word might, might is not an all the time word but a sometimes word and anyway all of those things could happen today, tomorrow or any other day in your lifetime. So just because all this Coronavirus stuff has come around doesn't make any of those thing more likely." 

"Yes! So stop worrying about it and get on with what you do best... saving the world!"

So off Superman went refilled with positive energy not worrying about the coronavirus or anything linked to it. He felt on top of the world. He felt amazing. He felt like Superman again, full of confidence and pride. 

The next day, Superman was interviewed about the Coronavirus and what he thought about it, at a two metre distance from everyone else, and what he said inspired me and probably quite a lot of other people. "I was told by someone very close to me, that there was nothing about this Covid-19 malarkey that made anything anymore possible than any other day of my lifetime. Everyone's worrying about it because it's never happened before. They're scared of the unknown. But let me tell you this, if your worrying about the Coronavirus there's been many other phiascos ten times as worse as this and I bet you everything your thinking about the Coronavirus contains the word might. Might is not an all the time word but a sometimes word. I was once worried about the Coronavirus." Everybody gasped. "Yes, me Superman, the man who's supposed to be fearless but nobody can be fearless, not even me, it's about overcoming your fears, not keeping them locked up inside of you. But I was told that it's nothing to worry about so all you people worrying about it, stop. You can talk to your parents they always have good advice, that's what I did."

So I asked my parents and now here giving his advice to all of you reading this. If Superman can worry, so can you.

Year 6 Story Stimulus

The weather on Wednesday 4th March, was cold and wet. Yet there were no complaints. The teams played extremely well and improved with each match.

Both teams played 5 games each, winning, drawing and losing with dignity.

Thank you to all the families involved getting the children to the event and their support during the games.

One team came second in their group, narrowly missing out with a place in the final.

They all had a lot of fun and showed great effort consistently.

Well done

Hockey March 2020

Eve, Connie, Shani, Joshua, Amelie, Marsella, Tyler and Frankie.

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Wed, 08 Feb 2023 9:00 am - 9:30 am
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