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That was the task faced by years 5 and 6 as they prepared their competition entries for the Primary Engineer Leaders Award. After speaking to engineers at school and online, children had to identify a problem at home, in the               community   or in school, invent a solution to solve it, produce a labelled illustration and write a letter persuading judges why their invention should be selected.

Well done to Joseph Hopper in 5AT who was selected as a winner for his age group for his idea of an earpiece with a sonar sensor that informs visually impaired people the location of objects around them. He received a trophy     recognising that fact at an award ceremony on June 27th at Coventry University. He also had his entry on display at the Public Exhibition held at the university.

Another twelve children were shortlisted, with six of these gaining a ‘Judges’ Highly Commended’ certificate:

Distinction – shortlisted: Ruby Salek, Gracie Harrison, Dennis Clarke, Geena Braich, Richard Fajinmi, Poppy Jones                                                                                       

Judges’ Highly Commended: Lewis Plant, Jaiden Baker-Hearne, George Swain, Orla Cameron-Cafferkey, Oliver Toyer and Holly Warwick-Selfe.

Thank you to parents Mr Crowson (Ben and Oliver Crowson) and Mr Dicks (Joshua Dicks) for coming in to talk to the children about the job and experiences in engineering at the start of this competition.



Last Thursday, 27th June, we all went to the finals of the town Quicksticks hockey tournament at the Wrenn School. One they wouldn't forget. We were all nervous and excited. We kept swapping positions to guard our goal and shooting at the opponent’s goal. When we started the first game, the pressure was on. We kept playing throughout the maths, never giving up. When any of us scored we felt ecstatic. The team played amazingly. We were really good and only one point away from being second in the tournament. We also had amazing support from our families!

We finally came 3rd out of all the 6 finalists and were really pleased with each other.

by   Alex, Kasey, Hannah, Jacob, Imogen, Marsella

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